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SHIRUBA PF800 Hang-on Filter 600l/h

SHIRUBA PF800 Hang-on Filter 600l/h

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-Power filter PF-800
-For aquariums up to 20 gallons.
-Special design for single side of double active carbon cartridges.
-Quiet 150 GPH motor adjustable flow rate
-Quick and easy cartridge changes.
-Reliable operation for a long life

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Usage Guidelines:
1. Unwrap your reassembled filter cartridge or assemble the filter cartridge by following the directions on the filter cartridge package.
2. Rinse the filter cartridge and filtering foam under cool water.
3. Carefully insert the filter cartridge by the directions into the "V" shaped slots in the sides of the filter chamber. Make sure that the filter cartridge is complete seated all the way down into the filter chamber.
4. Insert the intake tube into the intake chamber without the strainer attached. The guide ribs o the intake tube will be slide into "V" shaped slots on the sides of the intake chamber.
5. Hang the complete power filter assembly on either side or back of your aquarium. Add the strainer to the main tube, plus extension tubes as necessary so that the tube extends down into your aquarium with a minimum of 1" clearance above the aquarium gravel; minimum 3" clearance for cichlids and 6" for Goldfish.
6. Fill the intake chamber with water until it begins to overflow into the filter chamber. Place the filter box cover of the power filter assembly. Turn the flow control knob to maximum flow.
7. Fill your aquarium with water until the water level is 1/2 to 1" from the bottom of the Runoff spillway.
8. Connect the power cord, only after ensuring that the safety precautions listed in "Important safeguards" have been fully observed. Your power filter should begin operation within 30 seconds. If the power filter does not start, remove the filter box cover and slide the intake tube up and down.
9. Never allow the water overflow filter cartridge into the runoff spillway. If it happens, the filter cartridge becomes dirty and it should be replaced at once.
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