Aquatic Diaries Sept_Dec 2022

Tropic Marin

n our meeting with Mr Balling from Tropic Marine, Germany, our team wanted to know more on the composition of the products, so here goes:

1) What is the composition of TM synbiotic ? a customer is saying that Nickel , zinc , vanadium is tested negative after the water change .
Would you have any test result to share?

Syn-Biotic is a synthetic reef salt with prebiotic substances and probiotic bacteria for growth of the good bacteria. Nickel is at 1,2 µg/l, zinc at 1,1 µg/l and vanadium at 2 µg/l at a concentration of 35 PSU salinity.

2) Should a...

Aluminium Profile Stand for Aquarium & Light Railing Mount

Aluminium Profile Stand for Aquarium & Light Railing Mount

What is Aluminum Profile ?

We use it so often in your tank builds, holding facility, and you cannot miss it at our retail store.

They are used for our tank system, quarantine area, shelving, storage, kitchen, display racks, and even our office table is make of profile customization. 


Back in 2012- Lighting Railing System called the Movalite was born, in those days, huge Metal Halide was the way to go, however- we often get a "perm" after maintaining these tanks, so we thought of a great solution to move the lights out while we are doing so, hence...

Acrylic Tanks Versus Glass Tanks

Acrylic Tanks Versus Glass Tanks

Many have asked in the difference on Acrylic Tank and Glass Tanks, so here is the breakdown of the difference!

Acrylic Tanks should only be made by PLEXIGLAS (a brand of acrylic) and to be welded by a skilled professional and to be "baked" in an oven to ensure the material is properly treated. Currently, most acrylic tanks are still manufactured overseas, like 1) Germany, 2) Japan, 3) USA, 4) China/Taiwan 

**Other form of manufacturing an acrylic tank will not be valid of the below assessment we are about...

Points to consider when setting up a marine tank

Points to consider when setting up a marine tank

Points to consider when setting up a marine tank:

Size of tank / Area of tank on your location

  • Do consider on closest electrical point
  • Consider best space for most viewing area
  • Chiller is always advised to be placed in aerated areas

Fish type, Coral Type you would love to keep

  • Do read up and see type of fish that you like, corals as well
  • Varied difficulty level may vary the system investment & size of tank

Equipment to consider

  • equipment objectives should be to reduce something - 1) reduce water change 2) reduce...