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Zoop Aqua Frozen Copepods 50ml

Zoop Aqua Frozen Copepods 50ml

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Zoop Aqua's frozen copepods is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, including EPA, DHA and amino acids, which are necessary to foster optimal growth and support metabolic functions, making sure that your fishes reach their full potential in size and vitality.

As seen from the orange hue, our frozen copepods are rich in astaxanthin, a carotenoid pigment that not only enhance colouration, but also significantly boost reproductive success and overall fish health and immunity.

Turn feeding time into a feast! Our frozen copepods are not just a nutritional supplement, the high palatability ensures that every bite is a moment of delight, encouraging feeding and minimizing waste.

Ingredients: 100% copepods (Cyclops sp.)

Nutritional Composition: 

Protein: 58.0%
Lipids: 16.0%
Carbohydrate: 13.7%
Ash: 5.0%

Feeding and storage: 

-12 months shelf life when kept frozen at -18 degree
- Once thawed, consume within 3 months
- Store in freezer or chiller after each feeding, subjected to feeding frequency.
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