TUNZE Overflow Box

TUNZE Overflow Box

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The outlet 1074/2 does not require a borehole in the glass, and thus can be retrofitted. Even after an interruption of the recirculation pump, it will continue to operate. In combination with the outlet hose and fittings 1075/2, the outlet can be used up to abt. 1,200 l/h (317 USgal./h). With additional overflow 1001.74, it can be used up to 1,500 l/h (396 USgal./h).

This retrofit is an ideal solution for pressureless water treatment with surface suction from below the aquarium. About 50 per cent of the surface water and about 50 per cent of the water at the bottom of the aquarium is removed. The outlets remove only as much water as is pumped into the aquarium. On account of the light-protected construction, they are almost maintenance-free.

This item is supplied ready for mounting, without inlet and outlet pipes, with detailed mounting instructions.

Two outlet systems should be used for aquariums with more than 600 litres. At the outlet side, commercially available outlet pipes can be connected to the pipe sockets. However, in order to keep the noise as low as possible, we recommend outlet hose and fittings 1075/2.

For the inlet, we recommend our inlet hose and fittings 1073. The connecting hose for the pumps of the TUNZE cabinets is already included.

Overflow for supplementary installation with surface and bottom suction up to about 1,200 l/h (320 US gal./h). No boreholes in the glass required, and thus it can be retro-fitted easily. Even after an interruption of the recirculation pump, it will restart the siphon automatically. With additional U pipe 1001.74 (cf. Turbelle filter accessories), a throughput of 1,500 l/h (400 US gal./h) is possible. Water outlet diam. 40 mm (1.57 in.).

For easy installation and quiet operation, we recommend the use of overflow hose set 1075/2.