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TUNZE Riverpack 350

TUNZE Riverpack 350

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TUNZE® Comline® Riverpack 350 The new compact filter system for fresh water aquariums up to 350 liters (92 USgal.)

After the many successful years of the TUNZE® Riverpack 600, TUNZE® has now developed a new compact filter concept, which was specially adapted to the needs of contemporary fresh water aquariums. The TUNZE® Comline® Riverpack 350 is characterized by a strong dirt extraction capacity which keeps the water crystal clear, and it also ensures a constant water level. The TUNZE® Comline® Riverpack 350 is delivered packaged in a reservoir tank with 27 liters volume, completely pre-assembled with TUNZE® filter media and the Silence Magnet Holder for a glass thickness of up to 15mm (1/2“). After the device is installed, the bucket is used as a storage reservoir tank for the water level control.

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