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TUNZE Blades set 86mm

TUNZE Blades set 86mm

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Includes one plastic and one stainless steel blades for the Tunze Care Magnet Long or Strong.

* Genuine Tunze-brand parts for the Care Magnet aquarium cleaner * Includes 3.39"-long plastic & stainless steel algae-scraping blades * Replace old, worn blades to ensure proper aquarium maintenance Keep your Tunze Care Magnet aquarium cleaner performing its best with genuine Tunze-brand name replacement parts. Worn blades with nicks and chips can extend routine aquarium cleanings, leaving traces of unsightly algae that obscure aquarium views. Tunze Care Magnet Replacement Long Blades Set includes a 3.39"-long plastic and stainless steel blade to ensure effective scraping and removal of algae from aquarium panes. made of plastic and stainless steel for Care Magnet Can also be used as an expansion for the Care Magnet 220.010.

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