Tropic Marin Zootonic

Tropic Marin Zootonic

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Concentrated liquid zooplankton substitute

Tropic Marin® Zootonic is a high-quality plankton substitute to supply plankton filter feeders in saltwater aquariums with all the vital nutrients such as amino acids, highly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

In a gentle process, the nutrients for the filter feeders are digested without heating, ensuring that all vitamins and nutrients are preserved. Tropic Marin® Zootonic is suitable as complete diet.


Highly concentrated complete feed for plankton filter feeders
The small crustaceans contained in the feed supply the animals with high quality amino acids, highly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins
Suitable for soft corals, LPS, SPS and other filter feeders
Easy-to-dose liquid solution