Tropic Marin Reef Mud Substrate 2.7kg

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Tropic Marin REEF MUD VITAL is extracted from natural mud fields in the Pacific, which occur in depths about 10-15 m in pure, clear sea water close to coral reefs. This Pacific mud is a living substrate and supplies essential minerals and nutrients in natural form and concentration to the aquarium.

Also, the presence of natural microorganisms enhances the microbiology of the system as a whole. This immediately leads to visible improvements in the well-being of hard and soft corals and macro-algae and later to brilliantly clear water.

REEF MUD VITAL is of 100% natural origin and does not contain fillers, additives, or preservatives. This product has been harvested in a sustainable way to ensure that there is no detrimental effect to the environment and the surrounding corals reefs are not compromised in any way.


  • Mineral rich mud from natural coral reef mud fields
  • To enhance the systems microbiology in the aquarium
  • Supplies essential minerals and nutrients and contains microorganisms
  • Leads to visible improvements in the well-being of hard and soft corals and macro-algae
  • 100% natural origin
  • Does not contain fillers, additives, or preservatives
  • Can be added directly to the aquarium

How to use:

Add one teaspoon (approximately 5 ml / 0,17 fl.oz) of REEF MUD VITAL to one cup of aquarium water for each 500 l / 130 US-Gal. of system water volume for a weekly water care. Therefor mix REEF MUD VITAL with the aquarium water until the lumps dissipate and the mixture is smooth. Add this mixture to the high flow area of the aquarium, preferably in the evening, so that REEF MUD VITAL spreads in the tank.