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Tropic Marin Reef Actif

Tropic Marin Reef Actif

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Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF - for vitality and colour in corals and reef clams. Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF performs a unique dual function as an adsorber and bacterial nutrient in saltwater aquariums. In doing this it assumes a central function as the link between inorganic nutrients and the biological population in the saltwater aquarium. Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF is suspended in the aquarium water where it bonds with both nutrients and water contaminants making them available as nutrients to bacteria and other animals that feed on dissolved organic material in the saltwater.

These bonded nutrients make Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF even more valuable as a source of beneficial bacterial nutrition thus strongly promoting the reduction of water contaminants. Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF consists of long-chain molecules which can only be digested by specific organisms. This reduction is always gradual and insures that there is never any dangerous oxygen loss in the aquarium as can occur with many other types of bacterial nutrients.

Among the organisms that can utilize Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF are the symbiotic bacteria which live in corals, sponges, tubeworms and many other filter feeding animals. The reduction in nutrients by Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF operates so efficiently that corals and reef clams exhibit significantly improved vitality and display their brightest colours.

Dosage for Tropic Marin REEF ACTIF:
Add one measuring spoon once a week for 500 l aquarium water.

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