Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Zooton 60g

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Natural zooplankton is an important source of energy and nutrients for stony corals and other plankton filter feeders. Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Zooton is a well-balanced plankton replacement for stony corals, specifically, small-polyped stony corals and other plankton filter feeders in a saltwater aquarium. It consists mainly of selected marine ingredients rich in trace elements and minerals. Spirulina is carotenoid-packed and if combined with brewer's yeast will provide the natural B vitamin requirements and, in particular, vitamin B 12.

Tropic Pro-Coral Marin Zooton
+ plankton substitute for SPS corals and other zooplankton feeders
+ with selected marine ingredients, which are rich in trace elements and minerals from the sea
+ for energy supply and growth of corals
+ rich in carotenoids and vitamin B12