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Tropic Marin Phos-start 75g

Tropic Marin Phos-start 75g

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In the initial phase of a reef aquarium, the corals need a lot of nutrients to stimulate the microbiology in the tank and the growth of the corals. For the first time, Tropic Marin® Phos-Start combines insoluble particulate phosphates with bacteria food, calcium and trace elements in one product and thus optimally covers the needs of the corals in the running-in phase, just like in a natural reef. Tropic Marin® Phos-Start is particularly suitable for starting the aquarium with dead rock or reef ceramics.

Just like in a natural coral reef: Tropic Marin® Phos-Start is the first product that supplies insoluble, particulate phosphate minerals for setting up seawater aquariums. Tropic Marin® Phos-Start also contains prebiotic biopolymers for bacterial nutrition, calcium and trace elements. These components promote the diverse and active microbiology in the start-up phase and in the young aquarium, which forms the basis for the long-term success of a reef aquarium.

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