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Tropic Marin Elimi-NP 200ml

Tropic Marin Elimi-NP 200ml

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Liquid carbon dosing concentrate for nutrient reduction for advanced reef aquarists

The nutrient conditions for the lower animals in the reef aquarium (corals, sponges, and others) are ideal, if nitrate and phosphate are present in the lowest concentrations. Tropic Marin® ELIMI-NP is concentrated organic carbon for the effective and efficient reduction of nitrate and phosphate in reef aquariums through the introduction of these compounds into additional biomass.

ELIMI-NP is suitable for all saltwater aquariums with increased phosphate concentration and a low nitrate-phosphate ratio, as frequently observed in reef aquariums with a calcium reactor.


efficient reduction of nitrate and phosphate in the reef aquarium
designed specifically for reef aquariums with coral calcium reactor; but is suitable for all aquariums with an increased concentration of phosphate and a low nitrate / phosphate ratio
suitable for an aquarium stocked with marine fish, soft corals, LPS, SPS, other filter feeders and/or crustaceans
easy-to-dose liquid solution