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Tropic Marin Carbocalcium Powder

Tropic Marin Carbocalcium Powder

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Tropic Marin® Carbocalcium powder is ultimately concentrated crystalline calcium and carbonate hardness, which is dissolved in reverse water to obtain the known CARBOCALCIUM solution. With this unique solution, the entire calcium and carbonate hardness requirements of a typical reef aquarium can be covered, ensuring a strong growth of the corals, calcareous algae and other reef organisms. 100 g Carbocalcium powder contains over 30,000 mg calcium and more than 4,000 ° dH.

Our carbocalcium is suitable for all aquarium sizes and avoids the accompanying symptoms of other methods of calf curing: with Carbocalcium powder, the pH remains stable; There is no surplus of CO2, nor is there any risk of unwanted phosphates being introduced via coral rejection. In addition, there is also no gradual increase in salinity and also no increased oxygen consumption by carbon compounds. The prepared solution is suitable both for a manual metering as well as for dosing pumps.


  • Extremely high yield: contains 215 g calcium and> 30,000 ° dH
  • The pH remains absolutely stable
  • Does not bring any phosphates or excess CO2 into the aquarium
  • The salinity remains constant
  • No danger of oxygen consumption
  • Suitable for all basin sizes
  • Produced solution for manual dosing as well as for dosing pumps
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