Tropic Marin Amino-Organic 250 ml

Tropic Marin Amino-Organic 250 ml

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  1. Features:

    Important Coral Nutrients:  Amino Acids and Nitrogen Compounds

    Stimulates coral growth, intensifies colouring and reduces phosphate in the reef aquarium biologically

    Pale or brownish corals are often caused by too weak a concentration of easily digestible nitrogen compounds. Tropic Marin® Amino-Organic contains amino acids and other organic nitrogen compounds that stimulate the growth of soft and leather corals, as well as disc anemones and zoanthids. This results in greater absorption, by the anthozoans, of the phosphate available from the water, biologically reducing phosphate concentrations.  These near-natural conditions result in the anthozoans opening better, visibly flourishing, with greater vitality and a more intense colouring. Tropic Marin® Amino-Organic does not contain nitrates or phosphates.

  2. Benefits:

    contains valuable amino acids and minerals
    adds readily digestible organic nitrogen compounds to the aquarium
    delivers a balanced nitrogen/phosphate ratio (N:P) if the water contains excessive amounts of phosphates
    biologically reduces elevated phosphate concentrations
    stimulates coral growth
     corals thrive with greater vitality and exhibit improved colouring
    increased opening of the polyps of anthozoans
    nitrates and phosphates free
  3. Feeding recommendations:

    Add a maximum of 5 ml (0,17 fl. oz.)  Tropic Marin® Amino-Organic to 200 litres (52 gallons) of aquarium water daily.

    Do not use with phosphate concentrations below 0.03 mg/l, during the start-up phase of the aquarium, or in the presence of undesired dinoflagellates!

    Oxidising filters, such as trickle filters, canister filters and bio filters, can reduce the effectiveness of Tropic Marin® Amino-Organic. If a slight increase in nitrate levels is observed, this may be the cause and is generally harmless.