Teco Hydroponic Chiller

Teco Hydroponic Chiller

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The TECO Chiller range is an efficient way to chill your nutrients. Keeping your nutrient at the correct temperature and constantly regulating will allow your plants to thrive. The chillers use the eco-friendly R290 refrigeration, which helps provide and sustain the correct environment for your plants. Simply select your desired temperature and they will then do the rest.

The added aspect of the digital thermostat allows heightened accuracy of measurements of 0.1°C therefore allowing greater control over the temperature of your nutrients.  Red LCD Digital temperature Display in either in °C or °F means that they work for everyone to take readings easily allowing tight monitoring. The efficient design, with its innovative modern design is characterised by a solid structure and a compact size suitable for large and small confined spaces.

The added benefit of Wi-Fi connectivity with an optional App means easy connectivity and effortless monitoring. Allows growers to change the temperature of their nutrient remotely, monitoring the nutrient/liquids condition and react to climatic conditions e.g. if the weather is warmer over a weekend you could remotely drop the nutrient temperature. Through connectivity you can change output via an external device with the TECOnnect App which is available on iOS and Android.

Key USPs:
  • Easy to use Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Heighted control over temperature of nutrients with the digital thermostat
  • RED LCD Digital Temperature Display in either °C or °F
  • Seamlessly fits into any grow room
  • Efficient Design
  • Uses eco-friendly R290 refrigerant