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SKIMZ SH2(a) hangon protein skimmer (external)

SKIMZ SH2(a) hangon protein skimmer (external)

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Skimz SH2a Protein Skimmer is a nano skimmer designed with a mounting bracket to hang on the back of your tank or sump. Skimz SH2a recirculating design requires a small pump to feed water into the skimmer. SH2a features a sliding collection cup with adjustable o-ring which allows you to fine-tune your skimate.

SH2a is a true nano skimmer aimed at smaller aquariums and it will keep that water clean.


SH2a Nano Skimmer Features:

• Small Footprint
• Adjustable collection cup
• Italian Air4 Pump
• Includes mounting bracket


Skimmer Specifications:

• Footprint: 150 x 95mm (5 7/8" x 3 3/4")

• Total height: 420mm (16 9/16")

• Installation: Mounting bracket for hang-on externally

• Recommended feed pump: 600 L/h


Pump Specifications:

• Model: Air4

• Air intake: 60 L/h

• Power consumption: 11W (230V 50Hz) or 9W (115V 60 Hz)

For Aquariums:

up to 200 litres

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