Skimz Monzter E Series SM162 - External

Skimz Monzter E Series SM162 - External

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The Skimz E-Series SM162 Protein Skimmer features a more powerful Skimz ES2800 needlewheel pump, suitable for aquariums up to 1,200 litres. The SM162 draws an air intake of 780 litres per hour, making it capable of handling a higher water throughput. Low power consumption and high performance makes the SM162 an excellent choice for reefers looking for a value-for-money, yet powerful skimmer.

The SM162 should be provided with water from the aquarium either from a separate pump or gravity feed.

Technical Data:

Skimmer pump: 1 Skimz ES2800 needlewheel
Power consumption : 13W
Air intake: 780 l/h
Method of feeding: Pump or gravity feed
Feed pump: 1,500 l/h


L 208 x W 340 x H 580mm
Feed inlet diameter (mm): Eheim16/22 flexible hose
Return outlet pipe diameter (mm): 40
Skimmer body diameter (mm): 160

For Aquariums:

5000 - 1,200 litres


Can be installed in-sump or out-sump