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Skimz Monzter E series CM122 Calcium Reactor

Skimz Monzter E series CM122 Calcium Reactor

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The Skimz E-Series CM122 Calcium Reactor has a chamber diameter of 120mm and is ideal for aquariums up to 1,000 litres. The CM122 is integrated with Water Swirling Chamber (WSC) and Gas Channeling Chamber (GCC) for optimum mixing of calcium media, water and CO2.

The CM122 should be provided with water from the aquarium either from a separate feed pump or gravity feed.

Technical Data:

Circulation pump: Skimz E2000
Power consumption: 31.5W
Media: 3.3kg
Method of feeding: Gravity or feed pump
Feed rate: 300 - 500 l/h
Fittings: DIN
Included effluent chamber: Yes. Dual-stage


L 176 x W 235 x H 550mm
Feed inlet diameter: ¼ “ (6.35mm) polyethylene tubing
Reactor body diameter (mm): 120

For Aquariums:

Up to 1,000 litres

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