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Skimz MacroAlgae Biosorption Reactor With LED MBR157

Skimz MacroAlgae Biosorption Reactor With LED MBR157

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Skimz Macroalgae Biosorption Reactor (MBR) is a complete solution to leveraging the benefits of a concentrated algae scrubber, allowing users to grow algae within an upright contained reactor and place it in any sump. It is an excellent alternative for people who lack of space, but in need of a large algae scrubber. Growing algae like chaetomorpha will greatly help your reef aquarium with nutrient issues like nitrate and phosphate.

Skimz MBR157 includes a high power 360 degree LED that encased in a crystal clear quartz glass, allowing more light to pass through. The combination of Red, Blue and White LEDs provide an effective light source for algae grow and development.

The inclusion of DC pump give you full control of the flow rate through the algae. The highly efficient QuietPro DC pump with 9 different speed settings, allowing you to adjust the flow rate. As the water flow through the reactor and contacts the quartz sleeve, it will help to cool the LED lights.


Macroalgae Reactor Features:

• Small Footprint
• LED Lighting System
• DC Controllable Pump
• Growing and Cultivating copepods
• Biological Denitrification


Reactor Specifications:

• Footprint: 185 x 210mm (7 5/16" x 8 1/4")

• Total height: 570mm (22 7/16")

• Body diameter: 150mm (5 7/8")

Pump Specifications:

• Model: QuietPro QP2.0DC

• Power consumption: up to 22W

• Voltage: AC100-240 50-60Hz 24V DC/1.5A

• Pump controller: QPC35

LED Specifications:

- Model: RLD36

• Power consumption: 36W

• Voltage: AC100-240 50-60Hz 12V DC/5A

Total Power Consumption:

• up to 58W

For Aquarium:

• up to 1,000L


• Designed for in-sump use

Lighting Duration:

12 hours is sufficient for growing macroalgae. The LED lighting is running on a reverse cycle so that when the main tank lights are off the LED lights turn on. During the night time, photosynthesis stops inside your aquarium and corals will no longer uptake CO2. This leaves an increased amount of CO2 dissolved in your aquarium water which then lowers your pH level. By running the Macroalgae Reactor at night, the algae inside the reactor will continue to uptake CO2 and help reduce the pH swing. This will help to stabilize the pH levels and the overall safety of its inhabitants.

Macroalgae Grows:

It's important to periodically harvest a portion by removing it from the Macroalgae Reactor. This opens up space for new macroalgae to grow and to continue absorbing undesirable nutrients.

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