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Skimz Kone E Series SK201 - Internal

Skimz Kone E Series SK201 - Internal

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Skimz E-Series SK201 Protein Skimmer features the more powerful Skimz ES2800 needlewheel pump. With the combination of the conical body and bubble plate, it is the most effective skimmer in its class by significantly reducing turbulence, bubble bursting and surface agitation. The SK201 draws an air intake of 780 litres per hour, suitable for tanks up to 1,200 litres.

This competitively priced protein skimmer is low on power consumption, attractive yet delivers superb skimming results.

No feed pump required. Skimz SK201 draws water directly from sump.

Technical Data:

Skimmer pump: 1 Skimz ES2800 needlewheel
Power consumption: 13W
Air intake: 780 l/h


L 233 x W 233 x H 555mm
Cone base diameter (mm): 200

For Aquariums:

500 - 1,200 litres


Designed for in-sump use