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Set 3x 500ml BioGro Bacteria for Marine

Set 3x 500ml BioGro Bacteria for Marine

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Each package contains:
• 1 x BioGro 1 Balance
• 1 x BioGro 2 Nitrification
• 1 x BioGro 3 Sludge (detritus removal)

This is a stand alone product but it will also help NP Biopellets work better in the aquarium by further reducing nitrates, phosphates and detritus in the aquarium. Biogro has developed a completely new and easy to use 3 step program for your saltwater aquarium. A clear and heathy aquarium in 3 steps. BioGro creates and improves the biological balance and reduces algae growth.

BioGro 1 contains 12 strains of bacteria that produce enzymes which are needed for stabile biological balance.

BioGro 2 contains 14 strains of bacteria which enhance the nitrification process. BioGro 2 contains Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira strains. To optimise this process, we also added bacillus strains. These bacillus strains work closely with nitrifying bacteria. BioGro 3 contains 9 strains of bacteria. These bacteria remove the slow decaying sludge (detritus). These bacteria remove the slowly decaying sludge. 

Sludge/Detritus is a breeding place for pathogen organisms. Rotting sludge can release toxic gasses which can harm your fish and corals and can cause a bad smell. All bacteria are pathogen free and naturally cultivated.

Shake well before dosing! Please turn off UV and/or Ozone for 1 day when adding BioGro. You can dose all 3 steps at one time. Dosage is based on a average aquarium but dosage can be higher or lower without any negative effects. Keep away from children, do not ingest. Please use within 6 months after opening. Refrigeration after opening is recommended but not necessary.

Available in 250 and 500ml.

• Start Dosage: 120ml per 750 litres
• Weekly Dosage/Maintenance: 40ml per 750 litres
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