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Seachem Garlic Guard

Seachem Garlic Guard

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Seachem Garlic Guard makes fish food more appetising and palatable to fish and entices fish to start eating.

GarlicGuard is an all-natural garlic scented odour and flavour enhancer to be mixed with fish food. It also contains Vit C anti-oxidants to boost the immunity of fish.

Research has shown that freshwater and saltwater fish are attracted to natural odors, such as garlic.


Use Seachem Garlic Guard regularly to promote the healthy growth of fish. The benefits are:

  • Fishes will eat more, be healthier
  • Finicky eaters, e.g. discus and marine angelfish, are attracted to the garlic smell and this promotes feeding
  • Contains anti-oxidants that boost the immunity of fish so they are stronger to fend off disease
  • Reduce food wastage that would rot and lead to cloudy water
  • Safe for reef and planted aquarium

How to use

Simply mix GarlicGuard with any food item, such as Seachem NutriDiet Flakes, to attract the interest of finicky eaters, e.g. discus and marine angelfish.

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