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Seachem CoralCrete Purple 57g

Seachem CoralCrete Purple 57g

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Seachem CoralCrete Epoxy Adhesive works underwater or dry. It is ideal for working with larger colonies of branching coral, most large polyp coral or adhering plating coral to rockwork. Seachem CoralCrete Epoxy Adhesive makes attaching coral frags and coral scaping so much easier.

Seachem CoralCrete is safe for aquarium when used as directed.

Seachem CoralCrete is available in grey and purple.


Working time of 5 minutes which allows for plenty of work time while also quickly securing coral or rock.

Fully cures submerged or emerged within 24 hours.


For sensitive skin, wear latex gloves. Cut off desired amount of CoralCrete. Replace unused CoralCrete into plastic storage tube. Remove film and knead CoralCrete together until uniform color is achieved.

Once mixed, CoralCrete can be used to adhere coral or rock, either submerged or emerged. Press firmly around base or contact point of coral or rock to insure CoralCrete penetrates pores and surface grooves. Curing begins in about 5 minutes, hardening in about 15 minutes. CoralCrete cures fully in 24 hours. Protein Skimmers may over activate during cure time.

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