Sander Ozonizer C50

Sander Ozonizer C50

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An Ozonizer:

  • Augments the performance of protein skimmers and biological filters.
  • Produces transparent and healthy water. 
  • Diminishes the load of nitrite and ammonia evident. 
  • Augments the redoxpotential and the content of oxygen. 
  • Diminishes the load of disinfectants in the water. 
  • Decomposes yellow substances and other pollutants for the degradation inside the biological filter. 


  • Ozone Production (mg/h) 50
  • Stepless Adjustment (mg/h) 5-50
  • Power Consumption (Watt) 3.6
  • Fresh Water Aquarium or Pond (l) 100-1000
  • Marine Water Aquarium (l) 100-500 
  • Recommended Airflow (l/h) 20-500

Suitable for a back pressure up to 5 m water head