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RowaBac M

RowaBac M

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ROWA® bac M was specially developed for improving the micro flora in sea water aquaria.
Start-up stages are shortened with new installations and biological equilibrium is stabilized.
Using ROWA® bac M instead of inocula from other aquaria avoids the risk of introducing diseases and unwanted microorganisms.
Nitrification processes which would otherwise proceed only slowly and to an initially insufficient extent can be observed immediately after utilization of ROWA® bac M.

ROWA®bac M …
– reduces ammonium, maamonia, nitrate and nitrite
– contains exclusively salt-tolerant nitrifiers
– promotes the formation of a stable nitrifier population
– stabilized the nitrogen cycle
– compensates for loss of biological equilibrium following filter cleaning, water replacement and medicational treatments
– ROWA®bac M microorganisms are harmless to fish, invertebrates and plants