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Rio Coral Feeder M

Rio Coral Feeder M

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Rio® Coral Feeder extendable feeder is particularly designed for the direct feeding of liquefied and particulate foods to SPS corals, LPS corals and filter feeding corals. Coral feeder will also be used to eradicate debris and excess debris from the ones hard to achieve areas of the aquarium. Use with phytoplankton, oyster eggs, Cyclopes, liquid coral food, baby brine shrimp, rotifers and copepods. Just suck up your desired food within the coral feeder, place in aquarium and aim and shoot. Comes with one Medium coral feeder and an extra extension tube so that you can increase the length making it more straightforward to get to these hard to achieve spots.
Product of durable high affect plastic
Rubber ball with securing ring
Total length with extension 58 cm

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