Rio Carbon Pad

Rio Carbon Pad

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The Rio Carbon Pad is a universal filtration media that acts as two filters in one. With 100% active carbon, this versatile pad removes free-floating debris and aids in the removal of odors and discolored water simultaneously. Cut to fit a variety of filtration systems to keep your water clean and healthy.

  • Removes free-floating debris
  • Aids in removal of odors & discolored water
  • Universal filter pad - just cut to fit
  • For fresh or saltwater aquatic environments

Use in virtually any type of aquatic filtering system, including: Hang On Back filters, Canister filters, Wet and Dry filters, Top filters, Internal filters and Pond filters.

The Rio Carbon Pad is a tightly woven chemical filter pad that works just like standard carbon, aiding in the removal of odor and discoloration. Also use to remove medication after treating fish.

1. Cut the Carbon Pad slightly larger than required.
2. Verify that the pad fits and trim if needed.
3. Rinse in tap water to remove dust and place in filter.

Replace every 4-6 weeks, or when required.

Active Ingredients: 100% Active Carbon