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Reef Factory RF Dosing pump Pro

Reef Factory RF Dosing pump Pro

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Reef Factory Dosing pump PRO can be used as a single pump or multiple pumps can be combined.

Thanks to modern technologies, you can control the pump remotely, easily change dosages, see how much liquid has been added and how much will be added on a given day. The device also informs you how much liquid is left in the container. You can easily schedule the increase of individual parameters in the future.

The pump has been designed for reliable operation and easy maintenance. Several pumps can be connected into one group to make a dispenser adjusted to your needs.

Data can be previewed online and the device can be configured via a browser on a laptop or an application on a smartphone. The dosing view is clearly displayed. After connecting the device to the Smart Reef system, you will be able to receive text/push/email notifications directly to your phone. 

  • Pump type – Stepper Motor
  • Dosing Pump head – Kamoer
  • Minimum Dose – 0.01ml
  • Accuracy +/- 0.01ml
  • Number of doses per day 1-24
  • Pump Speed – 7ml per minute
  • Pump head lifespan – 1000 litres
  • Power Supply - 12V
  • Power Consumption – 0.5-2.0w

Smart Reef App Compatible

User Friendly
Easy controlled by mobile phone app
Modern managmnent system
iOS and Android compatible
Wifi Connectivity

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