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Reef Factory Power Switcher

Reef Factory Power Switcher

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The Power switcher

is a small, intelligent aquarium socket to which you can connect any device. Thanks to the Power switcher, you can program each device i acyclic switching off mode. What is worth noting, you can also turn the device on or off remotely in the Power switcher.

Programming, delaying and remote management of connected devices 

Our smart socket will allow you to manage lamps, pumps and any other devices. The Power switcher also has a delay function, which can be useful when working with a connected skimmer, which, after a power failure, will turn on with a set delay ( this will prevent the cuo with skimmate overflowing into the aquarium).

Tailored to your needs 

With customers in mind , the Power switcher has been prepares in two European versionsand in the UK standard. Both versions have the same functionality.

Manage a group of devices

In the Smart Reef app you can group and manage your Power switchers as one device. Thanks to this, you do not have to program many devices separately.