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Reef Breeders Pico LED Lights

Reef Breeders Pico LED Lights

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The ReefBreeders Pico LED is the perfect solution for Reefers with small tanks. They are affordable and simple to use and install.

Every Pico LED Includes a built in mounting bracket and a simple on/off switch.

PICO Fuge:

LED Specifications

  • 5x  660nm (3w driven @ 1w)
  • 1x 440nm (3w driven @1w)
PICO Saltwater:
  • 4 x 450nm royal blues
  • 1 x 420nm violet,
  • 1 x 6500K Cool White LED
PICO Display Fuge:
  • 1 x 450nm royal blues
  • 2 x 3500K Warm White
  • 3 x 6500K Cool White LED

The LEDs are 3watt LEDs driven at 1watt for maximum efficiency. Total wattage draw is 8watts from the wall.

The ReefBreeders Pico LED is designed to power small aquariums up to 12″ square per light with basic LPS and soft corals. You can double up on lights to keep more light intensive corals or for more coverage area.

These are great for small frag racks, adding extra light to larger aquariums, and a variety of other purposes. Every Pico LED has a flexible rubberized mounting arm that can be used in nearly limitless positions. The included clamp works on tank trims up to 1″ wide, and is ideal for rimless tanks or Euro-braced sumps.

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