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Gex Rakufil Slim Internal Filter

Gex Rakufil Slim Internal Filter

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Innovative internal filter with drainage function. Easy to maintenance and designed to lower the motor noise. By changing the water to 1/3 of the breeding water once a week, you can stabilize the water quality and create an environment where fish can live easily. High filtration capacity. Equipped with high-performance filtration material and sponge mat. Quiet design. Adopts an underwater silent motor. You can enjoy a comfortable aquarium life because you don't have to worry about operating noise. Power saving design. The motor has a power saving design. Economical with reduced electricity bills. Easy to start.

White/ Black

Dimensions: Width 13.8 x Depth 8 x Height 18 cm
Compatible water tank: Water tank of 26L or less

Usage Guidelines:
No assembly required! Simply plug into an outlet to start easily. Ideal for growing water plants. Underwater installation type that does not release CO2 required for water plant growth. Please use it with a frame or frameless water tank with a height of 19 cm or more in the water tank (when there is no bottom sand), a width of 14 cm or more in the water tank, and a frame width of 21 mm or less.
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