PURA PhosLock Stable 2-4mm granules 454g (1.00 lb) Treats 900Gal (bag incl.)

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PhosLock is the benchmark ferric hydroxide media for total phosphate removal in all aquaria. Used all over the world, it is the product of choice for many critical water purity applications.

PhosLock permanently binds phosphates. With regular use of PhosLock any aquarium fresh or salt, reef or planted, will stay much cleaner and less maintenance labor intensive!

Media bag with PhosLock can be placed inside of: canister filters, power filters, pond filters, sumps, refugiums, corner filters, next to uplift tube on UG filter plate. PhosLock can be placed directly into Bio-Bags or other fine floss bags.

PhosLock is 5 to 10 times more effective than white activated alumina media and it is completely safe for fish and invertebrate, fresh and salt-water aquariums. GET YOUR PHOSLOCK NOW! YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag.