PULZAR LED HO DIM 39 Watt 670 mm Freshwater

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  • High light intensities supported by extensive control technologies
  • Optimized temperature management
  • Safe operation through 12 Volt technology inside the aquarium
  • Perfect colour combinations through premium-grade CREE LED
  • Very compact design that fits any space
  • Flexible controlling of several light modules
  • Homogeneous light distribution 
    avoiding the unfavourable spot effect
  • Extremely high efficiency (lumen/watt) thus energy saving
  • Use of CREE MLE and XHG LED
  • Optimized for salt-water (MARINE) similar to the 
    spectral distribution of GIESEMANN AQUABLUE-CORAL T-5 tubes
  • Version TROPIC for freshwater similar to the 
    spectral distribution of GIESEMANN TROPIC T-5 bulbs 
  • Different lengths for replacing fluorescent tubes
  • Splash-cover protected lamp design for incorporation into ventilated aquarium covers
  • Exclusive use of premium-grade components to ensure maximum durability
  • Black anodised aluminium profiles – salt-water proof
  • Almost unlimited mounting options for every use scenario
  • The complete manufacturing of the PULZAR-LED is done in Germany
  • Delivery as complete set including a premium-grade power supply