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Philips CoralCare LED - Black

Philips CoralCare LED - Black

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With Philips CoralCare LED lights you enjoy the light quality you'd expect from traditional T5 fluorescent or metal halide marine aquarium lighting, but with all the benefits from LED lighting. The lights give very good results for growth of both SPS and LPS corals. CoralCare Lighting is designed to achieve an optimal balance between coral growth and natural reef appearance. All in a robust and efficient fixture that is passively cooled and easy to control. With a validated lighting recipe and optimized optics, we enable reefers to take the next step for their reef tank. CoralCare from Philips can be used for saltwater aquarium. The unique features of Coral Care aquarium lighting are:

  • Wide spectral range - optimized for coral growth and natural reef appearance
  • Perfect light balance - unique homogeneous light distribution and color mixing solution
  • Low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient LEDs
  • Easy to Control – By intelligently combining various LEDs with different wavelengths, we have simplified the set-up of the lighting controller for the user. As a result, the user only needs to select the desired color point and intensity, without having to worry about the optimal light quality for coral growth and beautification.
  • Low maintenance - long-life robust design and materials
  • Easy to install - driver integrated in fixture, hanging kit included, and computer interface
  • Suitable for SPS and LPS corals
Controller included:
Power supply :
100-240V, 47-63Hz
Input power:
Protection Rating:
Dimensions (l x w x h):
350 x 450 x 130 (mm)