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Orphek OR3 Blue Plus

Orphek OR3 Blue Plus

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Orphek OR3 LED light bars are the elite lighting option that gives you the power to customize your LEDs to meet your goals. 

The OR3 Blue Plus bars utilize specially selected LEDs concentrated in the blue light spectrum to produce truly fluorescent coral colors. These lights are great as a supplemental light when you want more color pop, but are also a perfect compliment to the Day Plus LED bars if you wish to create a complete lighting solution. Orphek lights don’t just look good though. Orphek has become recognized worldwide for their ground-breaking LED fixtures, combining custom LED blends with premium materials and craftsmanship. The OR3 LED Light Bars use the same LEDs used in Orphek’s Atlantik V4 fixtures! This means you are getting customized, high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip powered lights that are at the forefront of reef-lighting technology.



  • Extreme coral fluorescence
  • Custom LED blend 
  • Spectrum output from 410nm to 480nm
  • Wide, even coverage
  • Custom optics for great spectrum blending
  • High-efficiency LEDs for great PAR longevity


Because the OR3 LED bars are in a striplight format, you gain the ability to create custom mixes, much like T5 fluorescent tubes, to adjust the output over your reef. Using a mix of Blue Plus and Day Plus LED bars you can achieve the spectrum blend that suits your corals and personal preferences. Using Orphek’s Universal LED Mounting Bracket , you can mount your blend of LED bars into a clean, low-profile and attractive light array that can hang above your reef.


Available in Four Sizes

  • OR3 60 - 24 Inches
  • OR3 90 - 35 Inches
  • OR3 120 - 48 Inches
  • OR3 150 - 60 Inches



Light Dimensions    Power LED Blend Power Input Weight


25”L x 1.97”W x 1.4”H 30 Watts 2x 410nm, 2x 420nm, 4x 430nm, 5x 460nm, 3x 470nm, 2x 480nm 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz 2.65lbs
OR3-90 36.8”L x 1.97”W x 1.4”H
40 Watts
3x 410nm, 3x 420nm, 6x 430nm, 7x 460nm, 3x 470nm, 2x 480nm 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz 3.64lbs
OR3-120 48.6”L x 1.97”W x 1.4”H 60 Watts 4x 410nm, 4x 420nm, 8x 430nm, 11x 460nm, 5x 470nm, 4x 480nm 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz 5.07lbs
OR3-150 60.4”L x 1.97”W x 1.4”H

75 Watts

5x 410nm, 5x 420nm, 10x 430nm, 12x 460nm, 6x 470nm, 4x 480nm

100-240VAC, 50-60Hz 7.21lbs


What’s Included?

  • 1x Blue Plus OR3 LED Light Bar
  • 2x Mounting Brackets
  • 2x Wire Hanging Cable Assembly
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