Orphek Gateway 2

Orphek Gateway 2

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Connect your Atlantik V4  and Atlantik Compact (Gen 2 ) unit(s) to the ethernet & internet.

be connected everywhere you go!

Orphek Gateway 2- IoT. automatically connect multiple Atlantik V4 2018  series LED lights to your network and makes this process as simple as pressing a button.

Only the Atlantik V4 and Atlantik V4 Compact from 2018 can be connected to the Gateway 2!  Older versions of the Atlantik series need to have its Wifi module replaced.

Here is how it works. ?

Think about the Gateway 2 as private cloud /server. The Gateway can store a program for up to 200 units, and each one could have a different program, The Gateway also acts as firewall and uses internal protocol to talk with your light, so there is no access to your network! Here is how it works. The Gateway talks with the light via internal protocol called long tooth which is simioar to blue tooth but it’s range extends up to 40 meters in an open room. This is private protocol and only the Gateway can talk with the unit and this is why need the Gateway. You cannot connect to the Gateway directly from your phone so you must connect the Gateway to the router. The phone/tablet talks to the router and then the router passes the information to the Gateway then the Gateway converts the information to internal protocol and talks to the light(s). In this regard the lights are not part of your network. Security is very important these days!