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Orphek Amazonas 960

Orphek Amazonas 960

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Revolutionary, Powerful, Efficient, Versatile, Durable The Orphek R&D team developed a revolutionary matrix mix color LED – XP 80 White and XP 80 Blue

Orphek new 4 x 80 Watt  LED Total of 320 Watt – built with 4x 80pc of 3 watt LED chip with 11 deferent types of LEDs to create the most perfect white LED or Blue Spectrum.

This technology mimics the ripple of metal halide lighting  ,18,000K – 20,000K,

All models will feature a 4 x 80 pieces of 3 watt LED Matrix total of 320 x 3watt Chip(s). Each matrix chip will operate at only 80 watts ensuring longevity and high efficiency.

Because of each model’s ingress protection rating of IP67, these models are very suitable for public aquariums and other high humidity applications.

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