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Orca Res-Q-Med 50ml

Orca Res-Q-Med 50ml

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Reef Safe Treatment for White Spot & Velvet


  • Reef Safe when used as Directed
  • Will not negatively impact denitrifying bacteria
  • Will not stain aquarium
  • Highly economical


Directions for Use

Before starting with treatment, discontinue use of ozone, uv sterilizers and remove activated carbon. Protein skimming can be used during the entire duration of treatment

Add one level scoop of RESCUE for every 100lts of water twice daily. 1st Dose should be administered before 09h00 in the morning and the 2nd Dose should be administered after 21h30 in the evening.


Treatment should be administered for a minimum of 12 days, but, should not exceed 22 days. Do not overdose!