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Orca OrganEX Micro

Orca OrganEX Micro

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  • The Fastest and most Powerful Organic Waste Absorber Available
  • Absorbs Organic Wastes and Tannins for Sparkling Clean and Clear Water
  • New Hybrid Polymer that can Regenerate with Both Household Bleach and Salt
  • Assists in Controlling Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate
  • Freshwater and Seawater Use

ORGAN-EX is a specially engineered hybrid macro-porous polymer with dual functionality. It removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water like no other absorbent in the world. It super effectively removes tannins that stain water yellow along with other dissolved and undissolved organic wastes that discolour aquarium water leaving the water sparkling clean and crystal clear.


Years of scientific research has created a unique polymer with a very high selectivity for organic wastes tannins while leaving trace elements and other necessary nutrients virtually untouched. Unlike competing products that are merely ion exchange resins or simple waste absorbents, ORGAN-EX is a special dual functionality hybrid polymer that allows aquarists to choose what they need the product to be. It can be regenerated using household bleach, making ORGAN-EX a super organic waste absorbent with a voracious appetite for dissolved and undissolved organic wastes.

For those aquarists who prefer not to use household bleach, it can also be regenerated using a strong brine solution. This dual function feature is especially useful when sensitive fish are being kept.

Performance and capacity tests conducted on ORGAN-EX and other competing products have proven ORGAN-EX to be the best organic waste removal polymer on the market today. No other product even comes close to ORGAN-EX’s waste removal performance and superior capacity.

ORGAN-EX also assists in controlling ammonia, nitrite and nitrate by absorbing nitrogenous organic wastes that would have produced these toxic compounds

Directions for Use: Rinse the media in bag before placing inside aquarium. 100ml of ORGAN-EX treats up to 400lts of water. When the product has reached it’s full capacity, it will turn a dark brown to black colour and will require regeneration.

Absorbent Regeneration Instructions: Using a non-metallic container in a very well ventilated room. Prepare a mixture of 50% water and 50% unscented household bleach (3.5% Sodium Hypochlorite) in a plastic container and allow ORGAN-EX to soak in this mixture for 8 to 12 hours or until it’s original yellow / beige colour is restored. It is advisable to shake the bag every few hours to ensure a thourough and deep regeneration. Rinse very well and then soak for at least 6 to 8 hours in water with 2 tablespoons of OAL’s De-Chlor-Ex or similar product. Do not use dechlorinators that have slime coat agents added as this may permanently foul the polymer rendering it useless. ORGAN-EX is now fully regenerated and ready for use.

Brine Solution Regeneration Instructions: Using a plastic container, dissolve 75g salt in 500ml of water. Place ORGAN-EX into the solution and soak for 12 hours or until it’s original yellow / beige colour is restored. Due to the fact that no bleach was used in this process, the product does not require further treatment to neutralize any remaining traces of chlorine. ORGAN-EX is now fully regenerated and ready for use.

Caution: Some dechlorinators contain slime coat agents which could permanently render ORGAN-EX-MICRO useless or make regeneration difficult. Use plain household bleach that does not contain perfumes as these could be harmful to aquarium inhabitants. If a chlorine odor is present, do not use, instead, soak beads in a mixture of water and dechlorinator overnight or until chlorine odor is gone. A chlorine test will also help determine if any chlorine is still present on the beads.

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