OASE Heat Up 100

OASE Heat Up 100

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The Oase 100w HeatUp Aquarium Heaters are high quality thermoheaters which will reliably maintain your aquarium water temperature at the desired level. Simple to use, the temperature can be set using the temperature dial located at the top of the heater with a temperature range of 18 - 32°C.

The temperature levels are controlled and monitored by the patented bi-metal technology running through the heater and they have an indicator light which will illuminate when the heating element is active. Oase have also incorporated a patented recalibration system that allows you to adjust the heater by + / - 3 °C to allow for a difference between the tank and the filter temperatures

These 100w aquarium heaters are suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums and come with a 1.5m power cable.