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OASE Bitron C 72 W

OASE Bitron C 72 W

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Product Characteristics
Elimination of suspended algae (green water)
Reduction of harmful bacteria and pathogen levels
Clever UVC function monitor, display for bulb change and water temperature
Bypass technology enables optimal irradiation of the polluted water, even at high flow through rates
Individual water flow adjustment for optimal adaptation to the connected filter pump
Integrated magnets protect the UVC technology against limescale deposits
Visual function check of the UVC bulb
100%, VDE-certified safety; does not cause eye injuries
Quick release technology for easy bulb replacement
High-quality workmanship with impact resistant plastic housing
Incl. high quality UVC bulb
Including OASE Clear Water Guarantee in conjunction with the OASE flow through filters, BioSmart, BioTec and ProfiClear
Suitable for ponds up to 75.0 m³

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