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OASE BioPlus 100 Internal Filter

OASE BioPlus 100 Internal Filter

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The innovative OASE BioPlus 100 corner filter is designed for compact mounting into the internal corner of aquariums and will process up to 100 Litres (22 Gallons) in salt water and fresh water aquaria. The BioPlus has been designed by OASE Germany to be as convenient and simple to clean as possible.

The EasyClean mechanism allows the entire filter foam module to be removed for cleaning without the need for tools - simply pull the front section away from it's magnetic catches and pull the front section out of the water for cleaning, leaving the sucker-mounted back section in place. The design also prevents debris entering the water when removed. The blue buttons on the removable front section allow each block to be dismantled for simple cleaning of each filter foam.

The integrated 500 Litre/Hour pump distributes its output flow via an adjustable diffuser nozzle and spray bar, allowing the user to adjust the flow between both as desired. The top cap can also be quickly removed without the need for tools to clean the spray bar holes if needed.

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