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Oase Biomaster 850

Oase Biomaster 850

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The OASE BioMaster 850 is an externally mounted aquarium filter with a maximum flow rate of 1550 LPH.

The filter is suitable for fresh water and marine tank up to 850L capacity. The BioMaster is designed and engineered in Germany and is packed with innovations to make the task of aquarium filtering as simple and efficient as possible.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of the OASE BioMaster filter system is the ease of maintenance. BioMaster filter comes with EasyClean removable pre-filter module. The pre-filters can be removed for cleaning without the need to disconnect hoses. Additionally, the filter has a built-in priming button for fast start up after cleaning or upon installation.

The BioMaster also contains a series of fine and coarse filter sponges mounted inside the main filter section and multi-layer OASE Hel-X BioMedia. The combination of foams and bio-media offer superb mechanical and biological filtration.

Finally, the main filter segment requires infrequent maintenance, thanks to the EasyClean Pre-filter.

Features of OASE BioMaster 850

  • Fast filtration rate of up to 1550LPH
  • EasyClean removable pre-filter module can be removed for washing, and makes maintenance easy and quick
  • Excellent mechanical filtration: Fine 45 ppi pre-filter sponge to optimise mechanical filtration of coarse dirt and prolong the lifespan of biological media.
  • Main filter section contains fine and coarse grade foams and Hel-X biological Media (large protected settlement surface area of 800m²/1000 litre that allows beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. The material is designed to stop floating as soon as it reaches a certain level of bacteria colonisation.)
  • Optional heater integration – Easily integrate an OASE HeatUp adjustable heater into the BioMaster canister (HeatUp not included)
  • For saltwater or fresh water aquarium up to 850L
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