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Micmol Aqua CC 30W/(ACC-30 Marine)

Micmol Aqua CC 30W/(ACC-30 Marine)

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Hey, have you see the sexy lighting, Yes, it's the Aqua CC, the revolutionary design from MicMol. We are always thinking an idea which can be Classic and suitable for Collection. This should not only a products, it's a pleasing and cool streamline CC. That's why we designed and named it as Aqua CC. We always pursuing the original design from the practice and application. We made a lot of test samples before the final plan which is make sure the lighting become more simply and easily to use. It's carved from a single solid block of aluminium. Created by computer controlled CNC for numerical engineering precision, from the inside to the outside with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Accurate fit of 3D arc glass makes the entire lamp perfect. The beautiful appearance let the light not only a lighting, but an art form's performance. 


Size:  295x80x10mm

Power: 30W LEDs: 58 x 0.5W

LEDs Weight: 0.5kg

Shipping Weight: 1.0kg

Size: 254x80x10mm

Packing size: 262x92x72mm

Suit: Min: 260mm ~ Max: 600mm 

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