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MATRIXX II 6 x 80 Watt 1550 mm DIMTEC

MATRIXX II 6 x 80 Watt 1550 mm DIMTEC

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The Giesemann Matrixx-ll T5 Dimtec is an impressive light system. This aquarium lighting system has been specially developed for the top segment T-5 technology. This Giesemann line also stands for a sleek timeless design, high-quality materials and top performance. 
The well-thought-out details include outside wall ventilation, which ensures a higher degree of efficiency and at the same time an extremely low temperature load for your aquarium. 
The multifunctional reflectors ensure a very high light output and low heating of the lamps.

The special reflector arrangement ensures an impressively high yield and a perfect light distribution of these quality lamps.

Despite the very low overall height of only 6 cm, the Giesemann Matrix produces highly controlled lighting. The T5 Matrix is ​​therefore a very solid German machine.

The DimTec-Engineering (1-10V) can be joined to the G-Tron II, ICC and GHL Profilux and the latest APEX controllers 
This allows the lighting system can be connected without any problems at the aquarium computer, which in addition to the comfortable lighting control and dimming Possibilities also preprogrammed serves, such as:

  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Cloud cover
  • Rainy days
  • Moon cycles

With remotely controllable modules via Bluetooth wireless communication, PC, tablet or smartphone. The unique Point-Point Programming is just one of the advanced functions of the FUTURA-S software. 
Point-Point programming unit, the light can be set independently with various set points over the light period by the user. 
System requirements: Android 3.0 or higher 
Delivery without assembly component 
FreeApp to download. 

In addition to these functions, the G-Tron II also has more integrated measurement & control techniques for the further control of the aquarium. Call or email us for more information / options.

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