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MATRIXX II 6 x 54 Watt 1250 mm DIMTEC

MATRIXX II 6 x 54 Watt 1250 mm DIMTEC

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MATRIXX is extremely flexible – whether mounted on a wall, on top of an aquarium or suspended from the ceiling. The extremely flat housing of MATRIXX, manufactured from a premium-grade aluminium alloy, offers an extraordinary degree of stability while being very light, despite its large reflector surface.

All MATRIXX versions come in two colour options: iridium metallic and polar white. Both are equipped with attractive functional, technological and design features. With its discreet look, MATRIXX blends seamlessly into your own furnishing style. All lighting systems are electrostatically powder coated. Each component is individually coated so that no unprotected edges remain, preventing corrosion.

For those of you, who appreciate vibrant colours at home, we offer high gloss varnishing in various special colours for a surcharge.

Maximum light reflective, loss-free and easy-to-clean acrylic glass protective plate

The extremely flat casing of the MATRIXX series, which is fabricated from a premium-grade aluminium alloy, is design-optimized in order to thermally separate the electronics from the main lighting components. This enables us to achieve extraordinary stability, despite the large reflector surface. A very lightweight construction, results in an almost silent operation.

The optimal positioning of the tubes in combination with single reflectors creates a unique spatial illumination. The precisely calculated reflector design prevents glare  and guides light reflections on the water surface back into the aquarium – hence, the light is entirely (100%) available to your aquarium.

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