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MATRIXX II 6 x 39 Watt 950 mm DIMTEC

MATRIXX II 6 x 39 Watt 950 mm DIMTEC

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You may recognise the style as one of the most stunning designs to hit the aquatic market in recent years, and you would be right. With bodywork borrowed directly from our flagship FUTURA LED range, the MATRIXX-II utilises a full assortment of features borrowed from its bigger brother in a cost effective T5 format with computer designed reflector and high quality, fully dimmable ballasts made by Philips.

Every MATRIXX-DIMTEC is controlled via Bluetooth from your home PC, smartphone* or tablet computer*. The individual light groups, consisting your choice of POWERCHROME T-5 tubes available in 5 different colors. All color mixes, dimming phases and lighting scenarios can be simulated using the standard software. Unique to the MATRIXX DIMTEC is the ability to adjust levels on a T-5 group basis, meaning that different light saturation levels or even whole lighting scenarios may be programmed for different areas front to back within the same aquarium dependent on the stock requirements.

With its wide beam overlapping output, the MATRIXX-II offers the most even light distribution for any T-5 lights available up to date on the market. Excellent depth penetration is also gained by overlapping the output from several tubes, building up intensity to gain depth punch without sacrificing even distribution.

The innovative features for the new MATRIX II DIMTEC series are:

  • all tubes are DIMMABLE
  • Complete elektronic light computer integrated
  • anodized aluminium body with ultra flat design
  • adjustable hanging suspension with horizontal adjustment
  • three light circuits can be switched independently
  • non flickering lamp start
  • optimized ventilation of the unit without any fan
  • independent reflector for each tube
  • reflector with unique shape
  • maximum light output and minimum waste of energy
  • full electronic German ballast
  • the system is able to tolerate power surges between 220-240V. 

The innovative features of these new reflectors are :

  • independent reflector for each tube
  • 0.8 mm thickness of the reflector material
  • reflector with unique shape which is designed to avoid, as far as possible, the light reflecting back through the tube therefore resulting in maximum light output and minimum waste of energy
  • the reflector has been designed with a fold on the edge which prevents bending making it more durable and effective over a long period of time.
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