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MarcoRocks Mr Aragonite Reef Sand 22.5lbs

MarcoRocks Mr Aragonite Reef Sand 22.5lbs

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MarcoRocks Premium White Aragonite Sand!


The goal with MarcoRocks Bahama Aragonite Sand was to recreate what you would normally find on the floor of a coral reef. It is 100% natural and will give a beautiful natural white sand color under most aquarium lighting. The variable grain size of the Bahamas Sand contains small particles, creating a large amount of surface area for biological filtration while including larger particles that will resist shifting and blowing around in most water flow conditions. The small particles help the sand create anaerobic zones in the sandbed in less depth than other sugar sized blends and the larger grains will help hold the small particles in place during stronger currents.

  • Great for All Types of Saltwater Aquariums
  • Natural White Sand Coloration
  • 100% Natural Aragonite Sand
  • Unique Blend of Grain Sizes

Density - 39 lbs per square foot (approx)

One Size Available: 

22.5 Pound Bag

 How To Use

For the best results, we recommend rinsing the sand in RODI water before placing it into your aquarium. Although rinsing is not necessary, it will dramatically help decrease the initial cloud that can be created. We like to create our rock aqua-scape and then adding the sand after the rock is in the tank. This helps create a more natural buried rock look while giving the rock a solid foundation sitting on the bottom of the tank and not propped up by the sand that could eventually shift. After the sand is added, the cloud may take a few days to a couple of weeks to completely disappear, and using a fine felt filter sock or other means of mechanical filtration can help clear up the water. 


How Much Sand Do I Need?

One 22.5 pound bag will cover 2 square feet to a depth of approximately 1.75 inches. Results may vary depending on the aqua-scaping in your tank, overflow styles, and the specific tank manufacturer. We always recommend getting a little extra sand to make sure you have enough on hand when you are filling your tank. In most cases, we suggest having more sand placed in the tank, since a little sand will be removed through regular water changes and will fill in under the rocks over time. It is much easier to add a little extra sand at the beginning and pushing it to the backside of the aquarium than trying to add it after livestock is in the aquarium. 

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