Magnavore Tune-up kit Acrylicare Pads

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*The only acrylic safe pad on the market!*Revolutionary 3-layered design (shown with layers separated)
*non-woven polyester sponge thermally rolled to increase density and relax internal stresses of fibers provides vigorous algae removal without damaging acrylic surfaces 
*dense nylon backing firmly holds onto the Velcro base pad, preventing abrasive loops from protruding through the sponge layer 
*extra-strong water resistant thermal bond laminates layers together 
*Pre-cut to the size of your magnetic cleaner *Will not scratch or dull acrylic 
*Washable and reusable 
*Packaged in resealable blister box to allow long term storage and prevent contamination 

*For Magnavore 2, 4, 6 incl. ER models, 8 & 10 magnetic cleaners. 
*Contains 12 pads.