Laguna Powerjet 600 Fountain Waterfall Pump Kit PT800

Laguna Powerjet 600 Fountain Waterfall Pump Kit PT800

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With Smart Pump Technology (SPT). Generates powerful, consistent, continuous water flow that creates beautiful fountains and waterfalls. Anti-clog. Maintenance-free.

For ponds up to 1200 U.S. gal (4400 L).

Use of Laguna PowerJet

With Laguna PowerJet pumps, you can create beautiful fountain displays and circulate water to other pond equipment, including filtration systems. Water fountains are not only pleasing to the eye, they also break the water surface and allow oxygen in the air to penetrate the water. This is vital for the survival of fish and plants.

Smart Pump Technology (SPT)

SPT is an internal self-regulating system that tracks power consumption, hydraulics, and impeller direction to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency, so that only the required amount of power is used to operate the pump efficiently.

Laguna PowerJet pump is driven by a precision-magnetic motor. This precision-driven pump delivers powerful, consistent and continuous water flow that is unmatched by other pumps of similar specifications.

All these powers are generated with minimal electrical consumption, thanks to the Smart Pump Technology (SPT).

Benefits of SPT

  • High pump performance
  • Energy saving
  • User friendly